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Guam Marriage Customs

10 de agosto de 2022

Typical Guam marriage customs are quite different from the American traditions of matrimony. This island can be predominantly Both roman Catholic with 85% of the society. There are also spiritual and clairvoyant practices that continue to become practiced.

The fandanggo is the most famous pre-wedding commemoration. It usually occurs in the evening. It is an event organized to help make the bride feel comfortable. It is a large celebration that includes prayers, a track, a feast, and the presentation of gifts. It will always be organized by the bride’s extended home.

In the past, young men and females were forbidden right from meeting outside the house within the family. It had been also banned to get married to outside of the relationship with vietnamese woman clan. The idea was to improve the clan’s position. They were also supposed to increase their influence in nearby family districts.

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When a vibrant girl emerged of age, she’d be given the bride price. The purchase price would depend on her rank in the clan. Those from larger rank instructed higher prices for their wedding brides.

A marriage was arranged by the clan leader, or perhaps matlina, to excercise the clan’s position. It was also supposed to bind the clan mutually. The marriage would give the clan a better influence in the neighboring clan centre.

During the past, young men and girls may fulfill on a couple of occasions. They might also produce letters to one another. They were forbidden to accomplish this in public. However , they will occasionally glance at one another.

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